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I INVEST WITH fastFairOffer.com, LLC!

I invest with FastFairOffer.com, LLC! I didn’t start out doing that as I first contacted them to buy some land I inherited from my parents. My parents had bought it with the idea of building something on it when they retired. The idea of developing raw land with a well and septic field made them hesitate until they instead bought an existing home in the country. But they never got rid of the vacant parcel – so now I owned it along with the yearly taxes and nagging feeling that I didn’t need this property. I didn’t have a clue how to sell it but I saw a sign near my vacant property that said: “Another Pretty Home being built by FastFairOffer.com, LLC.” So it struck me that they may be interested in building on my vacant land. Sure enough, the sales officer of FastFairOffer.com, Dawn Bowser, said they buy vacant land all over the United States and develop it either themselves or through one of their partner companies. I got a great price for the land and rid of my headache!

In doing my land sale, I found out that FastFairOffer.com, LLC partners with people in these real estate developments. Initially I invested $50,000 with them and was fully secured by the house being renovated. About 90 days later, I received a nice chunk of interest for my investment. I have similarly invested with them since and been ecstatic with my return. FastFairOffer.com, LLC is so careful with my investment and my return is better than any other investments I have done in the past. Here I can be involved in real estate investing without having to get involved in the nitty gritty details and risk. Whether you are selling a house or land, or want to get involved in real estate investing or buy or sell private mortgage notes, I highly recommend Dawn Bowser and FastFairOffer.com, LLC.

Fast FairOffer.com, LLC is AMAZING!

It might be because they are so experienced with houses, buying, fixing and selling them, but FastFairOffer.com, LLC was so helpful to me in getting good value for my parent’s notes. My mother was nearing the end and it made no sense to keep receiving monthly payments over the next 19 years, so I inquired with Dawn Bowser of FastFairOffer.com, LLC to get them sold. She immediately was able to value the collateral for each of the notes and purchase them quickly without any hassles. I got good value for each of them. What a great company! I’d recommend them for anything you have going on!

Jill B. of Rochester, MI